Tobacco Hut is 10-13-2014 Retailer-of-the-Week

Lottery players wanting efficiency and expertise should visit Tobacco Hut. There’s a lot of lottery understanding and knowledge at Tobacco Hut. Manager Danielle Markley says, “we know what we’re doing and that’s what sets us apart.”Tobacco Hut 711 004

Selling lottery for only eleven years but by year’s end, Tobacco Hut will have cashed $2,000,000 in winning tickets. Markley says that providing excellent customer service and being knowledgeable draws customers to 815 S. Washington Street in Millersburg.

Congratulations Tobacco  Hut

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More winners adding to the map!

As the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpot continue climbing, the list of winners continue growing as players add to the Ohio Lottery’s Map of Winners.   Robert Hall of Mason won $1,000,000 on the 40th anniversary Millions. Hall was just happy about winning. He’s been playing  lottery since 1988 and 15 years ago he started buying instants.

Robert Hall 2

Joshua Johnson of Wellston won $30,000 on Liberty Bells. A first time lottery player, the store was out of the ticket he wanted, so he chose the $3 Liberty Bell.  You can bet this won’t be the last time he buys a lottery ticket.

10-2-14 003







Bradley Young of Pomeroy won $5,500 on Ohio Millions.

Nathaniel Warner of Canton won $5,400 on the Pick 4.

Pamela Yarnell of Dover won $5,500 on Special Edition Cashword.

Ronald Misenko of North Ridgeville won $5,898 on  Rock ‘N 777s.

Barbara Masters of Spencer, Ohio won $5,945 on Perfect Game 300.

Kari Mafield of Tallmadge won $10,000 on Powerball.

Joshua Starcher of Norton won $10,000 on Magic 8 Ball.

Janet Snyder of Sherrodsville won $10,000 on Magic 8 Ball.

Robert Allen of Cincinnati won $10,000 on $100,000 A Year for Life.

Robert Trewhella of Tucson , AZ won $10,000 on Double Doubler.

Betty Anderson of Proctorville won $20,000 on 40th Anniversary Millions.

Lisa Blake of Port Clinton won $22,684 on EZPLAY Going Pro.

Arthur Tigranyan of Fairfield won $25,000 on The Walking Dead.

Ida Jeffries of Akron won $25,000 on the Pick 5.

Eric Reeder of Cincinnati won $55,000 on the August 30, 2014 Rolling Cash 5 game.

Congratulations Winners!




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Ables Cheese Store is 10-6-2014 Retailer-of-the-Week

8-21-14 Ables Cheese 010If you’re a lottery player who likes “cheesing a lot,” Ables Cheese Store would be the place for you. They carry a variety of specialty cheeses and  is home to Ohio’s finest grade A   cheese.  You can  leave there with a big smile when you purchase a lottery ticket. They carry 30 Ohio Lottery instant games, so there  is a great possibility that you could win! Rhea Caldwell owns the business which is located at 37297 5th Avenue St. Rt. 7.  For her players she conducts second-chance drawings, has Spin & Wins, and her employees are  super friendly and helpful.  With a dedicated lottery play area, and a variety of instant games and cheeses,  Ables Cheese Store gives lottery players lots of reasons to “say cheese.”


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Be In the Know for October!

Check out In the Know to find out what’s happening this month at the Ohio Lottery!

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Winner, winner, winner!

Yes, there is a sound to winning and these Ohio Lottery players know it! They heard winner, winner, winner  while redeeming tickets at retailer locations.

James and Vchenna Tyler of Dayton won $20,000 on Millionaire Spectacular.

14 Mill Spect_James Tyler

Megan Sears of Nelsonville is all smiles after winning $2,000 on Tons of Funds.  She is moving and says the extra money could not have come at a better time.

14 Ton's of funds _Megan Sears

Anna Koenig of Tallmadge won $25,000 on Bring on the Bens.

James Morris of Greenwich won $15,000 on Triple Black Cherry.

Richard Scott of Elyria won $100,000 on Special Edition Cashword.

Vikki Coblentz of Orrville won $10,000 on 100x the Money.

Robert Patris of Massillon won $5,200 playing Pick 4.

Betty Walker of Akron won $25,417 on the Pick 5.

Mark Weigand of Mogadore won $20,000 on Ohio Millions.

Mike Rasoul got in on winning too. He owns Penn Ohio Lottery & Deli, 850 S. Irvine Avenue in Masury and sold the $330,000 Rolling Cash 5 ticket on September  26,2014. He receives a $500 agent bonus for selling a winning ticket.

#43418 Penn Ohio Lottery & Deli

Howard Lapidus of Greenville, PA  won that  $300,000 top prize  for matching all five numbers drawn on September 26,2014  in the Rolling Cash 5 game.



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Norm’s Market is 9-29-2014 Retailer-of-the-Week


Lottery players come from out of town just to visit Norm’s Market. Customers see the Lottery play area as soon as they walk through the doors. If you’re a winner, owner Nasir Iqbal will display your name with all of the other winners he’s had!

Lottery players can now view KENO games at Norm’s. There’s a bar height table for customers who want to stand and play. Norm’s Market has everything to make customers winners, 2 lottery terminals, and 75 instant games.  If you want to win, visit Norm’s Market at 240 Main Street in Groveport.

Congratulations Norm’s Market!



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More lottery players add to Winner’s Map!

Lottery players across the state continue adding to the list of winners after filing claims in  regional offices throughout the state.

Jerome Thur $10,000 (2)

Jerome Thur of Parma won $10,000 on Big Money.

Olivia Carothers $17,459 (2)

Olivia Carothers of Shelby won  $17,459 on Perfect Game 300.

Jeffrey Anderson of Greentown won $1,000 on $100 Million Mega Fortune.

Shirley Taylor of Stow won $10,000 on 50 X The Money.

Dale Alderton of Canton won $10,000 on $5 Million Jackpot.

Thomas Balduf of Port Clinton won $5,500 on Bring on the Bens.

Salvatore Giordano of Oberlin won $5,500 on $100,000,000 Mega Fortune.

Juan Rios of Huron won $1,000 on 40th Anniversary Millions.

Mohamed Judeh of Akron won $5,500 on $100K A Year for Life.

Jerry Taylor of Hillsboro won $10,000 for $5,000,000 Cash Blowout.

Danny Riley of Franklin won $10,000 on the Lucky 7’s Playbook.

Carl Callicoat of Scottown, Ohio won $20,000 on Ohio Millions.

Melissa White of Cincinnati won $25,000 playing Pick 5.

Wycenia and Sherdena Dixon of Cleveland and Michael Hawthorne of Garfield Heights will share a $1,000,000 prize on Millionaire Spectacular.



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