Suffield Carryout is 4-7-2014 Retailer-of-the-Week

Brian Keller owns Suffield Carryout. As owner of the business he ‘s seen how the Lottery  absolutely impacts his customers. Because of that Brian, caters to them.  He says his customers are all kinds, farmers, families, construction workers, and retirees.  Keller describes his business as having a country store style, even though it is in a rural area. He adds that it’s a convenient  store.

At 1435 St. RT 43, Suffield Carryout has a little bit of everything for all kinds of customers including 12 friendly employees who work the lottery machine. They get to know the customers and they stay on top of new Ohio Lottery games and current jackpot amounts.

If you’re ever in Mogadore stop in, the  rural country convenient store style (Brian’s words) will make you feel right at home.

Congratulations Suffield Carryout!

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Good Friday!

Fridays are always good but, they are even better when you start it out with notes. No, I’m not talking about singing, but winning on an Ohio Lottery game might just put a little song in your heart. The following winners are singing on their way to the bank.

FirkinsCarnetta  Firkins  was unable to sleep last night. Buying Special Edition Cashword, her favorite ticket brought her a $100,000 big win!  She and husband Robert are going to pay off bills and take a nice vacation.

David Wands won $100,000 on 20X the Money.

Michael Cramer won $20,000 on I Love Cash.
14 Love Cash winner_MikeCrammer

Rick Delong, Mamie Brafford and Melanie Raths each won $10,000.
Trejo Adalberto won $20,000.


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But wait, there’s more…Winning!

Earlier this week we wrote of Lottery players who turned their Monday moaning blahs into happy Monday ahs after the Ohio Lottery received over $800,000 in winning claims! And now there is more! More claims poured into Lottery central as winners claimed over $400,000 in  total  prizes.

Brittany Bradler $200,000 Game #183 (2)

First up is winner Brittany Bradler of Geneva. The 20-year-old Geneva resident won $200,000 on Extreme Cash Double Play. She just bought a car and has not even made the first payment. She will do some extreme celebrating. She’s taking her mom, grandma, brothers, sisters and niece to Disney for 10 days!

Garey Grigsby won $5,200 on the Pick 4. Jeffery Hoskins won $5,600 on the Pick 4. Chase Speegle, Sandra Hawk, and Howard McFadden each won $5,500 and are automatically semi-finalists for a top prize.

Ten thousand dollar winners are Pamela Woods, Norma Erwin, Rodney Stone, Robert Young and Andrew Duck.

Toni Caldwell, Denise Litmer,  Alonzo Richardson and David Allen each won $20,000.

40th Anniversary winner_Toni Caldwell

James Friend  won $25,000.

Bernadine Newman won $50,000.

Don’t wait to get in on the winning, play Ohio Lottery games.

Congratulations Winners!


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Monday blahs became Happy ahs

On Monday players turned blahs into happy ahs after claiming prizes on Ohio Lottery games. Frances Campbell of Canton won $250,000 on 20X The Money. Earlier in the year she won $600 on the same game. The Campbells will use the windfall for home repairs.


Gwen Glenn won $100,000 on Cadillac Cash.


Beth Biffle won $10,000  on Monopoly Jackpot.


The following players each  won $10,000: James Webb, Prince Jackson, Alvin Morris, Mike Yarian and Howard Myers.

Twenty Thousand dollar winners are Christopher Ernst, Toni Caldwell and Troy Reeves. Gary Combs won $25, 208. Cheryl Dailey won $29,976.

Victoria Simpson and Kathleen Dane each won $50,000.

Erwin Jacobs won $100,000.

Milos and Mary Lekic will split the $189,000  March 30 Rolling Cash 5  jackpot.

With several game styles, different ways to win,  from on-line to instant, playing Ohio Lottery games can  make your days exciting!



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Muletown Mini Mart Named Retailer of the Week

IMG-20140213-00045With friendly faces and politeness,the gang at Muletown Mini Mart want their place  to be the Lottery place where you want to be!  The family run convenience store has 11 employees who work the lottery machine and they take pride in running the business.  The mart  has a dedicated lottery  play area that is well stocked with lottery supplies, pencils,  bet slips and anything else that enhances their customers’ playing experience.

Sales Rep TJ Pasquales says  Muletown gives extraordinary customer service in every aspect of the business. Carrying 30 instant games, with a weekly sales average of $5,257, you can find Muletown Mini Mart at 9445 St. Rt. 335 in Minford.

Congratulations,  Muletown Mini Mart!



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Making New Winners Every Day!

3-24-14 RC5 winner_ B. Might

Congratulations to Bernard Might of Pomeroy. This week he visited the Riverside Food Mart in Pomeroy, and walked away with a Rolling Cash 5 ticket worth $60,611! He had one of two winning tickets sold in the March 24, 2014 Rolling Cash 5 game. He and wife Sherrie, a retired nurse, have sensible plans for the windfall. Sherrie was excited to report that they are planning to prepay their funerals, do some work on their home and help those in need.

Alan Amos of Barnesville won $5,500 on 50x the Money. Anthony Robinson of Akron won $25,000 on the Pick 5.

The Cincinnati area had lots of winners. Howard Plante of Cincinnati won $130,00 on the March 21 Rolling Cash 5.  David Nieman  of Hamilton won $100,000 on Special Edition Cashword. Ronald Newman, Jennifer Newman, Neil Weiner, Anthony Stevens, Mildred Kohler and Rebecca Suttles-Ross each won $10,000.  Dana Campbell, George Christakos and Wendell Blue won $20,000. Terence Boehm won $50,000.

Blanche Taylor won $10,000. Kinesia Thorpe won $10,000. The Sycamore and Ninth Trust claimed the February 2, 2014 $228,000 jackpot on behalf of the winner. Timothy Bendel won $5,800 on the Pick 4.  Erin Jacobs won $100,000 on Bingo times 10. Thomas Huntsman won $20,000 on Love to Win.




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Giving This to you Straight!

The following Lottery players beat the odds and won.R. Nowak $10,000 Winner  Game #176 002

Ronald Nowak of Hinckley was all a buzz. He won $10,000 on the $10,000 Grant instant. game.
3-20-14 020

Kenneth Wickham of Lewisville won $10,000 on 10X The Money.

.3-21-14 026

George  Righter of Little Hocking won $16,400 playing Keno.

3-20-14 023

Joe Anderson  of Waverly won $7,762 on Perfect Game 300. He says he enjoys playing the perfect game and often plays with a group.

3-21-14 028

Anthony Byers of  South Point  is a good brother. He won $10,000 on Super Millions and will split his prize with his sister!

Other winners include:  Benjamin Delaplane of Mentor. He won $25,417 on the Pick 5 game. Donald Lamtman of Akron won $10,000 on  $300 Million Diamond Dazzler. Karl Hlava of LaGrange won $5,200 on the Pick 4. Victor Rotondo of New Philadelphia won $50,000 on Lucky Times 10. Douglas Gantz of Elyria will split a $10,000, $200 Million Extreme Cash prize with Spencer Gambrel of Elyria. Aaron Caley of North Canton won $10,000 on $100,000,000 Mega Fortune. Curtis Payton of Sandusky won $25,417 on the Pick 5.

Congratulations winners!



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