Woo hoo! Our first – and second – Powerball jackpot!

When a lucky Ohioan hit the state’s first Powerball jackpot, it was a huge event, and I don’t mean just any old ordinary huge. I mean gargantuan. At $261 million, our first Powerball jackpot jumped right into the Top 10 list of all-time Powerball jackpots at No. 8. Texas has nothing on us –this is gigantic!

Even more gigantic is the fact that just last night, on Wednesday June 23, we hit our SECOND Powerball jackpot, this one for $97 million at Shirley’s Carryout in Curtice, near Toledo. That’s two Powerball jackpots in seven drawings! Here’s how that played at the corner of Broad & High streets in Columbus this morning:

So many jackpots, so little time. Anyway, about our first …

The morning after the June 2 jackpot, Director Kathleen Burke and I drove to Hub Carryout in Sunbury to congratulate store owner Ralph Smith for selling the winning ticket. The Director loves giving out money, and even though these checks are ceremonial, they are backed up with real dollars. In Ralph’s case, he was presented with a $100,000 retailer bonus just for selling the winning ticket. Yikes! That’s easy money.

Owner Ralph Smith & Director Kathleen Burke

Don’t let the name fool you … at Hub Carryout, you can actually get out of your car, come in and make yourself at home. You can sit down in the dining area and have a home-cooked breakfast. (You can also just drive up to the window and ask them to bring beverages to our car as well, if that’s more your style.) The important thing to the Lottery is that you can purchase any number of our games there as well. Ralph is more than happy to keep the retailer bonuses coming. You win, he wins, the Lottery wins … everybody ends up happy. While I was in the store that morning, Ralph found a place of honor for his latest retailer bonus check. I, meanwhile, stood in front of it snapping photos over and over until just the right words on the scrolling display appeared.

The winning Powerball ticket has yet to be produced at Lottery offices, although we have received inquiries from that area about claiming a ticket in a blind trust (anonymously). The winner has 180 days from the draw date to make the claim, and when there is that much money involved, wouldn’t you take your time, too?

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