Good karma? I’ll say!

An excellent story all around … a lottery clerk at Woolfe’s Huff & Puff in New Lexington is $250,000 richer after she made a mistake printing a customer’s ticket. The coolest part is that the customer also won $250,000!

The clerk, Naomi Mauller, printed a Mega Millions ticket for customer Andrew McMillan Sr. Turns out Andrew wanted the Kicker option on his ticket and Naomi had forgotten to add it. So here she was, a Mega Millions ticket printed – this game can’t be cancelled – and no one to buy it. So she re-printed Andrew’s ticket with the same numbers and the Kicker, sold it to him, and bought the original one (the “mistake”) herself.

Talk about some good karma. Both tickets were $250,000 winners.

Some more good karma at work here … the owner of the store, Mike Kane, says he’s receiving calls from all over the country about the win. He was on with a Los Angeles radio station, live to three million homes. Yikes! He says business is positively booming – sales for all kinds of merchandise are way up.

We at the Ohio Lottery love to hear this kind of thing. We tell prospective retailers all the time that residual benefits of having people in your store are well worth having the Lottery license, and Mike is living proof.

Just in case you’re superstitious and you want to play the same numbers Naomi and Andrew played, they were 12, 17, 21, 23 and 30. The Mega Ball for that drawing was 24.

Congrats to all!!

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1 Response to Good karma? I’ll say!

  1. Tania says:

    On December 30, 2010… I won $20,000 on KENO at The 3rd Place Bar in Westpark!

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