The Ohio Lottery Brand

Whether you already know the fun it can be to be a Lottery player or you don’t play Lottery games at all, you might have noticed that our brand is popping up just about everywhere! We’d have it no other way. We want to be ubiquitous; everywhere you turn, we want you to think of us. If that happens, we’ll sell more tickets, and that means we’ll send more money to the Lottery Profits Education Fund. 

Let’s talk about the Lottery Profits Education Fund for a second. Around here, we like to just call it the LPEF, because we’re all so fond of it, and it’s a lot less clunky. That’s where we send all of our profits, every last penny, and from there, the money gets distributed to school districts around the state. It’s a daily challenge to every employee of the Ohio Lottery to maximize our profits so that we can, in turn, maximize what goes to the LPEF. Last year, we maximized our way to $702 million in profits, and we beating that this year with $728 million! But I digress … 

I was here to talk about our brand. Our employees love what our brand stands for (hope, optimism) and we love the OH! Lottery logo. I love the colors and the way it makes me feel. It just makes me happy to look at it, which, when you think about it, is pretty convenient, seeing as everywhere I look at work, I see it. 

That’s the way we want you to feel too. The Lottery loves the OH! brand so much we wrapped ice boxes in it. Maybe you saw that … the chills, yet?


We also wrapped an entire Durango and trailer with our brand. They will be easily visible at events throughout the summer. Sometimes they’ll be on display while we offer Lottery promotions. Sometimes a Lottery retailer will actually sell tickets out of the trailer. Either way, look for us. We’ll be hard to miss … 

OH! a trailer


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