VLT update

If you keep up with Lottery news, you probably already know this. Or maybe you are just a fan of video lottery terminals (VLTs) and want to know when you’ll be able to play them in Ohio. Perhaps you’re just surfing the Web, and you came upon us here. Whatever the case, here’s what’s happening with our attempt to put VLTs in racetracks around Ohio:

The previous legal challenge that had put the project on hold until the November ballot has been withdrawn. But we still seek legal clarity on our authority to implement VLTs in racetracks. We want the courts to agree with us that we do already have that authority. We won’t charge ahead without proper legal clarification, but we have taken the first step toward getting that. On Monday, the nine members of the Ohio Lottery Commission voted unanimously to approve the Lottery’s intention to seek a declaratory judgment from a court.

This is just the first step in what could be a long legal process, and we don’t yet know when legal action will commence or in what court. But stay tuned. If you currently leave Ohio to enjoy VLTs, maybe someday you’ll be able to stay home and play.

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6 Responses to VLT update

  1. garrison says:

    when will you seek a declaratory judgment from a court and what court will you go with?

  2. jeannier1 says:

    Hello there, thanks for checking out the blog. The short answer to your question is … I still don’t know. The Lottery’s Legal Department is still in consultation with the Attorney General’s office about the best way to move forward. What I can tell you is that, as soon as we make a decision about what we’re going to do (and in what court) I will post it here. Stay tuned!

    • garrison says:

      I was wondering how long it takes to make a decision to move this into a court & get the judgement to move forward. Afterall it’s been almost 2 months.

      • jeannier1 says:

        I wish I knew. I’m not a lawyer, but I can tell you that our legal staff is busy at work, considering all the options. We have believed all along that we have the authority to implement VLTs as another lottery offering. We look forward to getting the blessing of the court as well so that we can, indeed, move forward.

  3. Kurt says:

    Now that the Governor has made a deal with the tracks to add VLTs are you still planning to get a court to make sure you have the authority? I know that the Ohio Roundtable is planning legal action. I am in the horse racing business here in Ohio and it’s obvious that we need help to sustain our business. I am willing and ready to make big investments here in Ohio if this comes to fruition.

    • Thanks for the comment Kurt. We’re prepared for any eventuality regarding VLTs at the tracks and we’re confident the Governor’s team is doing its best for your industry and our state. We’ve done our due diligence as far as implementation and oversight and will act according to the Governor’s plan moving forward. Can’t comment on court actions. Hope that helps.

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