Another instant ticket record

Just like July was a great month for us with instant ticket sales, August was, too. Our August instant ticket sales of $113.8 million set an August record. Our total sales of $203.72 million for the month ranked as the third-highest month in Ohio Lottery history.

The instant ticket sales come largely because our instant ticket manager, Ron Fornaro, obviously does a great job. But along with him are a couple hundred other hard-working Lottery types who believe in our product and our mission. And behind us are thousands of Lottery retailers all over the state who work hard to help us tell our story.

It’s you, our players, who are real stars in this equation. More sales equal more winners, and the biggest winners of all are Ohio schools. Thanks for doing your part. Good luck!

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2 Responses to Another instant ticket record

  1. lucille myers says:

    i sent a cashexplosion ticket in. how do i know if you have received it. do you send letters to those who have submitted them.would like your answer. thank you. i live in mingo jct. ohio and only heard of one person picked. what is the story. there are other places besides cleveland, columbus, and akron canton area. lets give people in other parts of ohio a chance. thank you for your time.

    • jeannier1 says:

      Hi Lucille, thank you for your question. Cash Explosion® contestants are from all four corners of our state and from surrounding states. The most recent contestant from your area (Steubenville) played in July 2010 and won more than $7,000. You can view contestants and their cities on our Web site, then click contestants.

      The odds of a ticket being picked for the Cash Explosion game show depend upon the number of entries we receive for that drawing. An average drawing consists of approximately 20,000 entries. Due to the high volume of tickets we do not send individual letters. If you would like to receive a postcard with a date stamped on it as to what date to watch the show to see if your name was drawn, include one with your name and address in the same envelope with your entry ticket. You can get postcards from your local Ohio Lottery retailer or if you provide your name and address, I will mail them to you.

      If you would like to see Cash Explosion live, join the audience! Tapings are held in Columbus and are free to attend, call 216-774-5687 for dates and information.

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