And the winner is … The Ohio Lottery!

Congratulations to, well, us, for winning three national lottery awards and being named a finalist in another at the just-completed NASPL Lottery Conference in Grand Rapids, MI. For all of you non-industry types, NASPL stands for the North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries. The Ohio Lottery is proud to be recognized nationally by our peers.

Here’s what we were called out for being so good at:

We won a Hickey Award (given for excellence in promotional and strategic marketing named in honor of late longtime industry leader Owen Hickey) in the category of Audio-Visual Presentation for our KENO B-to-B program kits, otherwise known as KENO recruitment materials. In conjunction with one of our ad agencies, Hart Associates of Toledo, the lottery’s marketing team worked hard on those kits, and it shows.

We also won two Delegates Awards, which are presented for outstanding design creativity in the use of point-of-sale and brand support material. Delegates to the conference examine displays of lotteries’ entries and vote at the conference. The Ohio Lottery won in the category of Point of Sale kit for our KENO Kraziness promotion. (And yes, I know Kraziness isn’t really spelled with a K, but sometimes in the name of Marketing, you do things differently, and in this case, it apparently worked.)

We also won for best Premium Promotional Item, which is our Powerball Beach Towel. Both of the Delegates Awards reflect the hard work and general brilliance of our primary ad agency, Northlich, based in Cincinnati.

We were a finalist in the TV advertising Use of Cinematography category for our recent TV spot for the Diamond Dazzler ticket. The ad was called “Heist” and was produced by Northlich.

Congratulations to all the hard-working folks here at the Ohio Lottery. Being recognized by our industry peers is very satisfying, and we’re understandably proud.

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