Ohio Lottery launches Keno retailer blog!

Beginning today, the Ohio Lottery has a blog designed specifically for its Keno retailers. It’s called Kenotes, and it lives here: www.ohiolotterykenotes.wordpress.com

Named for the Keno publication currently provided to retailers by the Ohio Lottery, the Kenotes blog will offer information of interest to Keno retailers and to those who frequent Keno retailers. Topics will include marketing and promotional ideas, sales tools, and methods to increase revenue. The blog will also create a forum where retailers can share ideas, build professional relationships with peers and communicate directly with the Ohio Lottery. For business owners considering adding Keno to their product mix, the Kenotes blog is place where they can ask questions of the Ohio Lottery and Keno retailers in their region and across the state.

So check it out. Read, write, interact. Share your ideas as a Keno retailer and pick up some ideas that others have used.

Enjoy. Let us know what you think.

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1 Response to Ohio Lottery launches Keno retailer blog!

  1. jordon says:

    i like keno too

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