The Price – $100,000 – is Right

When she came to the Ohio Lottery offices on Monday, Theresa Hawk had the tiniest idea that she might be coming into some money soon. And about a half an hour after she arrived, the Olmsted Township woman found out that she was right, to the tune of $100,000. Ohio Lottery employees gathered in the lobby for the surprise, already knew that Hawk was the winner of the Top Prize Drawing in the $5 Price is Right game, and the oversized check was already waiting. But, just for fun and because we love surprises, Lottery Director Kathy Burke went through the motions anyway. “The winner is a woman,” Burke said. “She was born in 1956. And she bought her ticket in March, 2009.”  

Our newest winner


By this time, our new friend Theresa Hawk pretty much knew what was up. She’d already picked up a cool $5,500 back when she first bought the ticket. For those of you who are new to TPD, here’s a note about how it works: Ohio Lottery instant tickets of $5 or more have the TPD feature. If the winning combination on an instant ticket lists “TPD” as the prize, the winner receives an instant cash prize and automatic entry into a drawing for the top prize offered in that game. The drawing comes after the close of the game, which sometimes means that the ticket was purchased a year or so before the drawing actually occurs.    

Hawk, who is a new grandmother, attended the prize presentation with her husband, and left with plans to purchase a new Chevrolet. “I’m a Chevy girl,” Hawk declared.  

We love giving away money. It’s why we’re here. Director Burke thinks it’s really fun. Go ahead, check it out for yourself:  

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