Holiday games are coming!

Maybe you’ve noticed … there’s a crispness in the air, it’s football season, it’s fall, which means holidays are right around the corner! And because we’re good sports, the Ohio Lottery has some holiday offerings for those of you who like to share instant tickets as gift or stocking stuffers, or maybe you just want a new instant ticket to play.

We’ll have three different on-sale dates for new instant tickets and another for the release of two new EZPLAY games. Also, there’s our New Year’s Raffle to look forward to as well!

To kick things off for holiday tickets, on Oct. 22, you will see four new holiday instants at your local lottery retailer. For $1, you can play Holiday Cash; at $2, there is It’s a Wonderful Life for Life; the $5 Holiday Lucky Times 10; and the $10 offering, Holiday Surprise.

On Oct. 29, you’ll see two new EZPLAY games, $3 Jingle Bell Bucks and $2 Stocking Stuffer. These will be followed by a $20 Maximum Millions instant ticket and a $5 Snowflake Cashword on Nov. 12; and then four more instant tickets – $1 Cashing Through the Snow; $2 Holiday Gift; $5 Silver and Gold; and $10 Winter Riches – will join the mix on Nov. 22.

You can begin buying $20 New Year’s Raffle tickets on Nov. 12; the raffle offers more than 3,300 prizes, including four $1 million top prizes, and the drawing will be on Jan. 1. These tickets are limited to 500,000 sold, so get yours early to be sure you’re in the game!

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