Ohio Lottery helps take on hunger

Make no mistake about it – taking our Cash Explosion game show on the road, like we did at the Ohio State Fair this summer, is no easy task. It can be a logistical nightmare, for one. But the rewards are great as well, and we’re happy when going on the road allows so many more Ohioans to take in the show in person.

We’re getting ready to take Cash Explosion on the road again – on Nov. 13, to Marietta. This time, taking the show on the road gains added significance, because by partnering with the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Food Banks, we will combine the road show with a campaign we call “Facing Hunger.”

Here’s Cash Explosion Executive Producer Barry Riley:

We’ll give you more details about “Facing Hunger” as we near Nov. 13. We hope to see those of you from the Marietta area at the show, and we sincerely hope that “Facing Hunger” will have a significant impact statewide. Stay tuned for how you can participate, no matter where in Ohio you live.

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1 Response to Ohio Lottery helps take on hunger

  1. A. Cullen says:

    Well done Ohio Lottery! Helping feed hungry Ohioans is a great cause. Cash Explosion is a fun show!

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