Party like a rock star!

Six lucky Ohio Lottery players have won the opportunity to party like – and actually with – rock stars on Thursday evening. By virtue of being winners of the second-chance drawing associated with our $5 Aerosmith instant ticket, the winners have been invited to a special party on Thursday at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The six lucky folks are: Lonna Bruskotter (Findlay); Kelly Slaypah (Eastlake); Kathi Tornabene (Port Washington); Nick Skory (Northfield); John Albert (Columbus); and Ron Fahrney (Elyria).

These winners won invitations to the Aerosmith Rock Star Party with band members from Aerosmith.  On Wednesday (Oct. 27), the winners can attend a welcome reception, and on Thursday, they will join second-chance winners from Michigan, Oregon, New Mexico, Colorado, Rhode Island, Montana and Idaho at the party at the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame.

How cool is that for these folks? Some of them have probably been lifelong fans of the band, and truly, this must be a “Dream On” experience for them.

Three other Ohio Aerosmith second-chance winners – Crystal Teppert of Alliance, Walter Hawkins of Toledo, and Mike Garner of Akron – won ProStreet Dirico Custom Motorcycles. And three more – Steven Kalski of Mentor, April Phillips of Akron, and Shawna Metzger of Walbridge – took home Les Paul Signature guitars.

These are all awesome second-chance prizes. If you have an Ohio Lottery instant ticket in your hand and it has a second-chance option, it can really pay to follow the instructions on the back of it to enter the drawing.

Good luck!

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