Another record month!

Hello again to all of you, our Ohio Lottery players, and a great big THANK YOU!!

We’re proud to announce that we achieved record sales again last month, which gives us record sales for three of the past four months.

Net total sales of $211.568 million for October beat last October’s sales of $200.566. For those of you who are a tiny bit math-challenged, that’s more than an $11 million increase! Net instant ticket sales of $118.899 last month beat the previous best October (2007) by more than $6 million.

Of course, it makes every employee of the Ohio Lottery proud when we achieve record sales. And as a member of the management team here at the Lottery, it makes me personally proud to see not only how hard our employees work at their various tasks, but also what it means to every one of them when we achieve these kinds of goals. We all keep in mind every day that our beneficiaries are Ohio’s schoolchildren. We really are proud of our transfers to the Lottery Profits Education Fund; last year’s was $728.6 million! That’s every penny of our profit. It really is amazing when you think about it; that’s a lot of money.

Thanks for the part you played in creating that profit. I hope you are remembering to play responsibly, and also, I wish you good luck in all your Ohio Lottery experiences.

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