You asked, we answered

Some of you who also follow the Ohio Lottery Twitter stream have responded to our invitation for questions. We’ve taken your questions right to the person here who is most qualified to answer. We wanted to make sure you got the most accurate answer possible, but also, we want you to know that the Lottery is populated with real folks who have real personalities (as you will see.)

First up, our Director of Product Development, Gwen Penn, takes on a question from BigMoe216, who wanted to know about “old-school” scratch off games:

Thanks, Gwen, but don’t go away. Here’s another question for you, this one from PitBullJunkee, who just wants to win Mega Millions:

Our last question (for now) comes from Txazzholdem, is about a specific Pick 3 betting strategy, and will be answered by Kassan Bahhur, also from Product Development:

Thanks Guys, good job. And thanks BigMoe216, PitBullJunkee and Txazzholdem for your questions. Hope you’ve enjoyed the responses, and we also wish you good luck in all your Ohio Lottery games!

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