Ohio Lottery Holiday, The Musical

The curtain is up on the new Ohio Lottery Holiday, The Musical. Early reviews say once you see this show, you’ll want to see it again and again. And you’ll want to give Lottery Holiday Games as gifts – again and again.

The Ohio Lottery’s new Holiday Musical is a locally grown, hand-crafted show in four short acts written, scored, filmed and edited in Ohio and features an all-Ohio cast and crew. Those acts will appear on television and on the Ohio Lottery Holiday Web site.

The onstage action starts with our two actors (who play eight different characters in the four vignettes) as a young couple in their home basking in the glow of an unexpected Holiday Surprise. The story then moves to a ski holiday recovery room with our characters scratching at some Winter Riches. Next is an insightful short piece about finding EZ Play Stocking Stuffers as relief for gift-finding anxiety. Finally, our players reach their finale as a fully matured couple familiar with each other’s wants and needs, happy with their Silver and Gold. Well, mostly happy.  

I won’t give away the surprise plot twists.

Each of the four holiday vignettes is impeccably staged and executed, featuring imaginative, quirky sets and costumes. All the action is performed in song and dance. The original tunes, penned by Cincinnati-area composer, Rob Fetters, are as sticky as a candy cane held tight in a warm hand. The original lyrics illuminate the action like a colorful string of holiday lights.

Stars David Kabbes and Annie Kalahurka transport their respective local theater experience to the tv screen with ballet-like ease. From Columbus and Cincinnati areas, respectively, David and Annie shine in each of their four roles, playing off each other like wizened stage veterans. 

The real stars, however, are the Ohio Lottery Holiday Games that come out just once a year. This year’s list includes two EZ Play Games – Jingle Bell Bucks and Stocking Stuffer – and instant tickets including Holiday Surprise, Winter Riches, Silver and Gold, Holiday Lucky Times Ten, It’s a Wonderful Life for Life and Cashing through the Snow.

Don’t miss this show, the Ohio Lottery’s musical event of the season. Remember, there’s always a chance to win with Lottery Holiday Games. Our winners are everywhere, so give the gift of games this holiday season. You and yours will want to sing about it.

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