Winner! Winner!


Was it you?

Did you buy the $25-million winning Mega Millions ticket at Marc’s in Broadview Heights?

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6 Responses to Winner! Winner!

  1. c calimee says:

    yeah it would be nice if some of those winning numbers could be won in more urban areas in Ohio..especially Cleveland(St.Clair,Superior,Harvard,Woodland, etc.) where it’s def. needed!!! P.S-Broadview Heights IS NOT CLEVELAND!!!!

    • jeannier1 says:

      Thanks for your comment. Lottery players are from all four corners of our state, including Sidney, Washington Court House, Conneaut, Piqua and Mansfield. Larger cities, such as Cleveland and Cincinnati are more populated than mid-sized or small cities, and the likelihood is that more people are playing in large cities, which increases the percentage of winners in those areas. Additionally, Cuyahoga County has the largest concentration of retail locations in the State of Ohio at more than 1,100. Our winners are everywhere!

      • Adam King says:

        The lottery is a complete joke it shouldnt matter how big the population is in one city, the winnings should be all over the state. How can cities such as cleveland, columbus, dayton and especially canton akron and youngstown area win everyday on the rolling cash 5 drawings and mega drawings all the time. The lottery could care less about the little cities in the state such as Lima, Findlay, and surrounding area. Ive checked the last time the rolling cash 5 hit in the Lima area was back in August and that was the first time it was hit in this area. And also why is it the cash explosion tickets in this area(Lima) never get an entry drawing for the show check the website it’s always cleveland dayton columbus and cincinnati. And how can the lottery say it;s not rigged when these cities win all the time on cash explosion, it’s because the books of tickets are hand picked to go to a certain city and store. The lottery loves to get reconized for having winners in bigger cities, is the lottery rigged yes it is i don,t care what they say at the ohio lottery office.

  2. S. Cunningham says:

    Please improve the lottery results phoneline(216-787-4100). It stays busy or unavailable for long periods of time. I never had a problem with the 800 number. We also experience lottery machine shutdowns during rainy or slightly snow days. What measures/improvements are being done?

    • jeannier1 says:

      You’re in luck! We have, as of this past weekend, completed a changeover from our old phone system to a completely new one. You know this if you have continued to call 216-787-4100, because now there is a referral message there that tells you to try our new line 800-589-OHIO (6446). Regarding the communications issues you are having with your lottery terminal, we switched to a more powerful satellite a few months ago to improve our signal strength – but any technology that runs via satellite may be affected by inclement weather.

  3. Angie says:

    I hope someone local to me wins this bigger MM jackpot, if it’s not me of course! I never see places like Geneva, Ohio win.

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