It’s the holidays! Sing!

If you’re anything like me, music makes the world a lot more fun. Not just more fun… more everything. I can get charged up, settled down, filled with joy, dancing in my chair or quietly sentimental, depending on the tune.

Plus, I’ll sing most anywhere. The car, kitchen, office, shower, walking, I’ll even do karaoke on occasion (hint, hint).

That’s the point of today’s entry – singing. Specifically, holiday singing, because this is the season more people sing out loud than any other. (I don’t actually have stats for that, but it seems like it should be true.)

Anyway, the Ohio Lottery is giving anyone (18 years old and up, thank you) who thinks they can carry a tune the opportunity to come out and sing some holiday songs with us. Holiday Karaoke, in front of people at a mall, on a stage, for a free gift and chances to win an iPod Shuffle and Simon Mall gift cards or a bunch of other prizes. We’ll have traditional songs to sing and some familiar holiday tunes with lucky Lottery lyrics.

All singers, in addition to getting a special holiday gift, will be video-recorded for posterity, our holiday Web site and, perhaps, stardom. (That’s how that Bieber kid got started, right?) Every performer will receive a video of their performance.

Our first-ever Holiday Karaoke events will happen at three Simon Malls: Great Lakes Mall in Mentor on Saturday December 4 from noon to 3; Summit Mall in Akron on Sunday, December 5 from 1 to 4; and the Mall at Tuttle Crossing in Columbus on Saturday December 11 from noon to 3. Yes, there will be spin and wins (with Lottery purchase) at each event, which means lots of prizes.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop in, shop and sing a song or two. It’ll be a nice break from holiday shopping … and maybe the big break you’ve been waiting for. I have included a few lyrics to one of the tunes you’ll be singing.

Go ahead, practice. It’ll be fun. (And no one will know … until you become a star at the mall!)

“Winter Riches” (to the tune of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”)

We wish you’d give Winter Riches;
We wish you’d give Winter Riches;
We wish you’d give Winter Riches with payouts so dear.

Good money I’ll make when I play and win;
Good money and riches for a Happy New Year.

Oh I’d like to win some money;
Oh I’d like to win some money;
Oh I’d like to win some money from the state lot-ter-y.

See, how hard was that? Easy, right? See you Saturday at Great Lakes Mall; Sunday at Summit Mall; or next weekend at Tuttle Crossing!

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