Wait … that’s ME!

Excited Cash Explosion fans in Marietta!

We already know that people love Cash Explosion. We know it’s the top-rated Ohio show in its time slot – Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. People watch for a variety of reasons – living vicariously through our contestants, for example, and dreaming of what they’d do with all that prize money. And there’s the moment when the new crop of contestants is revealed – 16 folks who will be on the next month’s worth of shows. Thousands of people who have sent in their entry tickets watch for that moment alone. 

We also know that people who attend the monthly taping at Mills James Productions in Columbus have a great time cheering on family and friends who are lucky enough to be contestants. Some people attend the taping even if they don’t know anybody playing, just because it’s a fun and potentially profitable experience – most people walk away with Cash Explosion merchandise and a considerably more positive outlook on their day. 

It’s always a neat experience to be at a taping, but sometimes something especially cool happens. Like, for example, today.

Today we taped the show that will air on Christmas Day, and when the future contestants were announced, one of them was actually in the studio! How cool is that? One minute, you’re having a great time sitting in the audience wishing it was you up there playing, and the next minute, you realize it WILL be you up there in just a few short weeks!

Want to witness that moment? Check it out on Christmas Day at 7:30 p.m. Check your local listings to find the station in your area.

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