Do you have your Mega Millions ticket for Tuesday’s drawing yet? The jackpot, just in case you haven’t noticed – and how could you not? – is at $330 million. Depending on sales, that could increase again before the actual drawing on Tuesday night. If the jackpot rolls on Tuesday, there is a chance of wiping out the previous all-time high jackpot of $390 million for Friday’s drawing.

We love it when the Mega Millions or Powerball jackpot keeps rolling because that means higher sales and consequently, higher profits for us to send to the Lottery Profits Education Fund. But it will get hit eventually and when it does, we hope it stay rights here in Ohio. The State of Ohio takes 6% in taxes off the top, so that’s just another way we can contribute to helping our state. 

So if there is no winner in Tuesday’s drawing, it means you have another shot on Friday for an even bigger jackpot! And if there is a winner Tuesday night, I for one – and I’m sure that I am joined by all my colleagues at the Ohio Lottery – hope it’s one of you, our loyal players.

Good luck!

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  1. Few realize that it takes more than just one well crafted blog post to turn minds around. But after all such drops of wisdom is what makes our community vibrant.

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