After the confetti turns to snow; a thank you

Most people experience a bit of a lull this time of year. It’s easy to sink a little after the colorful New Year’s confetti has been swept away, replaced by falling snow and our often grey, business-as-usual winter world.

Not us. We’re energized. Here’s why: we launched big new games and gave away more prizes than ever this past year. We turned a lot of Ohioans into winners.

Obviously, people like our games, especially the chance to win. We sold out our New Year’s Raffle for the second time ever. On the evening of 1-1-11, 3,334 people found out they were Raffle winners. Four of them won a million. Ten more won ten grand. One hundred-twenty more won fifteen hundred. The rest won $100 and $500 each. And the million dollar winners were spread out across Ohio – Mentor, Sunbury, Gallipolis and Cincinnati, moving north to south.

The New Year’s Raffle is sort of the annual topper to our year. Everyone here was excited, the draw staff and communications staff happily worked on New Year’s day for the drawing… after all, we really enjoy giving away those prizes.

Most importantly, though, all of us at the Lottery want to thank our fellow Ohioans for the support you’ve shown us throughout the year. Because it wasn’t just the Raffle that did well – our holiday games and our big jackpot games were very popular, too. And, as always, Ohio schools were the really big winners. In fact, we achieved a record month of December, making the largest monthly transfer ever to our Lottery Profits Education Fund.

Our hats are off to all of you for helping us to have a grand 2010. We plan on celebrating even more success in 2011. Keep watch here for discussions and announcements of new games, promotions, fun and, of course, winners. Remember, winners are everywhere… the next one could be you!

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2 Responses to After the confetti turns to snow; a thank you

  1. Ruth McKenzie says:

    I would like to receive coupons in mail from Ohio Lottery addressed to Resident, Ohio. I have friends and sister who receive these, but I never do. Do you send these to Mechanicsburg post office to residents? We buy lottery tickets every week for every day. Thank you.

    Ruth McKenzie

    • maryk1 says:

      Hi Ruth,

      We removed your address from the public comment to protect your privacy. To answer your question, the addresses for direct mail coupons are based on zip code information gathered from instant ticket sales and validations. The type of coupon determines which zip code file we use. Per your request, your information has been added to our mailing list and you will be included in future coupon mailings.

      Thanks for playing and good luck!

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