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A Win Worth Singing About

You could see they were just regular folks and probably could really use the money. I just remember her tears of joy and the proud look on her son’s face when she won. Continue reading

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Food for Thought… and to Fight Hunger.

My Mother used to say things like, “If you have something, you have something to share.” With eight kids to feed, my Mom often made magic stretching our food to fit the family. But if a neighbor was sick or … Continue reading

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Winning Numbers On Your Phone!

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Still a Buck, After All These Years

I actually have some memories of the seventies. The NINETEEN-seventies. I know, I’m so last century… (insert your own comic comments here)… now let’s get on with this blog while I can still remember. AROUND 1979, coincidentally the same year … Continue reading

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As Luck Would Have It

As David said, in all the years we’ve been doing Cash Explosion, 22 to be exact, this is the first time a future contestant was announced and present in the studio audience! We certainly hope it isn’t the last. Continue reading

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