As Luck Would Have It

Bettielu Frew is one lucky lady. In one day; she found out she’s going to be a great-grandmother again; attended a live taping of Cash Explosion; and won a spot on an upcoming Cash Explosion show!

Bettielu plays Cash Explosion and other Ohio Lottery games with her daughter Wendy all the time. So when Wendy sent in a Cash Explosion ticket and won a spot on the show, her mom was sure to be in the audience cheering her on.

What Wendy didn’t know was that Bettielu’s name was in the drawing to be a contestant on an upcoming Cash Explosion Show as well. And that Bettielu might be selected that night! Bettielu kept it a secret. Even at a party to celebrate her daughter’s spot on the show, Bettielu didn’t tell anyone that her name might be picked as well.

Wendy and Bettielu were in the Cash Explosion studios for the taping of Wendy’s show, aired December 25. As luck would have it, as the hosts were reading off the names of our upcoming contestants, Bettielu and our live studio audience, found out she was a future contestant on Cash Explosion!  As David said, in the 22 years we’ve done Cash Explosion, this is the first time a future contestant present in the studio audience! We certainly hope it isn’t the last.

Bettielu tries her luck on Cash Explosion next week, February 12. She tells us that if she wins big, “I just hope I don’t faint!” If she does we’re pretty certain her daughter Wendy will be there to support her. We’re keeping an eye on Bettielu Frew, and can only imagine what’s going to happen to this lucky lady on her second trip to our Cash Explosion studios!

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Out and about communicator with the Ohio Lottery.
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2 Responses to As Luck Would Have It

  1. Joan Tek says:

    What happen to the main one page lottery results (with all the three, four, mega, powerball, tenos, classic and rolling cash numbers. It also gave the dollar amounts when no one won or when there was a winner. Searching from page to page to find specific results is rediculas. The original format was convenient, saved on ink and paper. That format made more sense and saved time.

  2. tm says:

    Worst web site in the world!

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