Still a Buck, After All These Years

I actually have some memories of the seventies.

The NINETEEN-seventies.

I know, I’m so last century… (insert your own comic comments here)… now let’s get on with this blog while I can still remember.

AROUND 1979, coincidentally the same year our Pick 3 numbers game was introduced in Ohio (ok, that was no coincidence); a soda cost about 35 cents. You could take a date to a movie for under ten bucks. You could fill your gas tank (or put in the couple crumpled dollars you had in your pockets while you drove your Dad’s rusty Vista Cruiser wagon, like me) for around $1.00 per gallon. And plates for the car were what, $10-12.50?

SIDEBAR: Just so you know; that Vista Cruiser wagon? Fast. Very fast. And it had that split-level window in the roof so your back seat passengers could see the sky (ours had holes in the floor so we could see the street, too) and you could turn off the ignition and coast silently down the street… wshhhhhhhh…. sorry… got distracted.

As I was saying, pretty much all of the day-to-day things we buy cost a lot more today than in 1979. Except Pick 3, still 50 cents and a dollar per wager.

IN FACT, all our Lottery game prices have remained stable through the years, even as the costs of doing business have gone up. We just don’t raise prices. Yes, we introduce more expensive products, like some of our scratch-offs, but that’s so we can give you better odds and bigger payouts. We have become very good at being efficient as an organization. For as much business as we do in the state of Ohio, nearly $2.5 billion in sales last year, our overhead remains under a nickel out of every dollar.

That might not agree with what you hear on the street, but you can check the facts. They’re public record.

THE POINT IS, we still work to find ways to help you win more. With promotions like Pick 3’s Red Ball (happening now), all kinds of second chance drawings, soon-to-be-announced online promotions (watch, they’re going to be fun) and popular add-on options like Keno’s Booster, Powerball’s PowerPlay and Mega Millions’ Megaplier, Lottery players now get more opportunities to win – for the same buck they spent in 1979.

I just wanted to remind everyone that we really do think about our constituents as we keep prices stable and provide more ways to win more. Plus, it takes me back to younger days, “…fever night, fever night, fever…” analog vinyl… bell bottoms… Buddy Bell… Frank Robinson… Bingo Smith… Fantasy Island… the Chrysler Cordoba with rich Corinthian leather… Luther… I could go on. But I’d rather you go on.

PLEASE, PICK THREE of your favorite seventies memories, pics, styles, bands, teams, or share your parents’ seventies stories or jokes or photos you might want to share with the rest of Ohio. We’ll post them if we can.

Thanks for listening.


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marketing and communications at the Ohio Lottery
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One Response to Still a Buck, After All These Years

  1. Juanita Lima says:

    Oh, you clever boy! Juanita was alive and well in the seventies, too, and some of her faves are The Big Red Machine, Disco and late-sixties Camaros. Can’t think of many things still the same price they were then, and your point about the Pick 3 game is duly noted. Juanita has never played Pick 3, but is sorely tempted to do so now. Picking three numbers, though … let’s see, there’s 5, which was the number of Juanita’s fave 70’s heartthrob, Johnny Bench (that’s only when she wasn’t thinking of Lynda Carter); there’s 7, which is the day of Juanita’s birthday; and what else, joemillermarcomm? 1, on general principle? 6 or 9, just because? Are there ways that you help people choose numbers when they are game virgins, such as Juanita? Please, do tell. Your help is most appreciated. Muchas gracias!

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