A Win Worth Singing About

I work in a cubicle next to my friend, JC. He has one of those voices that make men pay attention and women a little starry-eyed. What I like best about working next to JC is that some days around 4:47 p.m., I can convince him to sing. It takes roughly eight-and-a-half hours to wear him down… he has two little girls at home, and he’s fairly resistant to begging. When I can persuade JC to sing, it is one of the true highlights in my day.

I am typically not the only person whose day is made by listening to JC. He works for Cash Explosion, and one of his assignments is to call contestants to let them know they’re going to be on the game show. He estimates he’s talked to roughly 2,000 winners since he started four years ago. He gets to call people and tell them they won AND get to be on TV!

Most people are genuinely happy to hear JC’s voice, which, as I mentioned, is pretty great. Some are happier than most. When JC called to tell Chris Markus that she was going to be on the show, she couldn’t stop saying, “I still don’t believe it’s true!” When Chris saw her name on the Cash Explosion show, she screamed so loud she terrified her pet birds, and feathers went flying. Yelling and picking up feathers, she realized what she wanted to do with the money.

First, I should tell you a few things about Chris Markus. Chris is a single mom from the west side of Cleveland. She loves her son very much, and she purchased her Cash Explosion ticket with him in mind.

“You could see they were just regular folks and probably could really use the money. I just remember her tears of joy and the proud look on her son’s face when she won. You could tell they were really close,” JC says.

So, when Chris won her spot on the Cash Explosion show, she also won the opportunity to give her son two gifts she knew he could use; a car and tuition for automotive school.

As JC said, “It warmed my heart to see the joy and love on both of their faces.”

That truly is a lasting and beautiful image; something to sing about… Now let me see if I can convince JC.

Have you had an Ohio Lottery experience worth singing about? Maybe you got a call from JC? Tell us about your song-worthy wins here on the blog! We love those kinds of stories.

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Out and about communicator with the Ohio Lottery.
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