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We take fun and games seriously here at the Ohio Lottery. We strive to deliver innovative and fresh products that are fun to play. Which is why, as many of you have noticed, we updated our Web site, www.ohiolottery.com. For those of you that have yet to see it, take a look around and let us know what you like best.

The new site has a number of improvements that emphasize access to Ohio Lottery games, programs, and opportunities. In addition to the information contained on the former Web site, the new site offers an interactive and informative experience including the following changes:

  • Watch the Drawings: You now have the ability to view televised drawings online.
  • Learn How To Play New Games: Interactive how to plays for all of our draw and EZPLAY games show you what to do when you try a new game or play-style.
  • Find Retailers Near You: Search for the nearest Ohio Lottery retailer or bank cashing location. The site also provides driving directions and maps to help you along the way.
  • Fill out Forms Faster: Forms that you might need, i.e. claim forms and retailer applications, can be filled out and saved to your personal computer before you send them to us.
  • Access Information Easily: Retailers and winners can easily request information online, like duplicate W2Gs and public records.
  • Faster and More Frequent Updates: The new Web site receives a variety of feeds from the gaming system, which means data is updated in a close to real time environment, giving you access to current information faster.
  • Find My Game: Find the perfect game or let us suggest new games that suits your preferences. Try this new application to see which game is your perfect match.
  • Just for Fun: Play Ohio Lottery online games on your computer! Try Pig on the Rocket or Ultimate Mega Millions Crush just for fun.

And we’re not done yet! We wanted you to know that there were some extra updates made to the Web site just last night!

  • Past 20 Drawings: To find the last 20 drawings, click on the game name, follow the Past numbers link in the Recent Winning Numbers bar or click on the Winning Numbers link at the top of the homepage.  Once on the winning numbers page, choose your game, click See Past Draw Results – the results will go back 180 days.
  • Odds of Winning: Instant ticket information now includes the odds for the game!
  • Press Releases: All press releases are updated and current.

There’s more work ahead of us and some exciting changes for you to look forward to in the coming weeks:

  • New Instant Ticket Games: The new instant ticket games will be added to the site.
  • Recent Winning Numbers Bar: The Recent Winning Numbers on the home page will show both the mid-day and the evening Pick 3 and Pick 4 numbers. The Cash Option value of the jackpot games will be listed beneath the jackpot amount. Also, Ten-OH! Draw Numbers will be attached to each set of winning numbers.
  • Prizes Remaining: An instant ticket prizes remaining page will be added that can be accessed from the Instant Ticket landing page.
  • Redball Results: A PDF with the Redball results by drawings will be added under the Redball promotion.
  • March Mania: The March Mania promotion will be shown on the homepage.
  • Mobile Site: In Phase II, the site will launch as a mobile site. More pages and functionality will be added.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in comments or questions.  We’ll continue to do our best to keep you updated an informed. As always, if you have any comments or suggestions about the Web site or for the Ohio Lottery, please let us know here on the blog or e-mail us directly OLCWebMail@olc.state.oh.us. After all, we take our jobs pretty seriously, even though they’re all about fun and games.

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