Spring Win Helps Columbus Couple in the Kitchen


TPD winners!

Last week we drove to Columbus to document a big Top Prize Drawing (TPD) check presentation.

John, our winner, won  the $100,000 TPD prize  from a Bingo scratch-off ticket. Bingo games are his favorites, because they take a little longer to play. Evidently, John enjoys delayed gratification. He won on his Bingo ticket (the first time) back in May, 2010. He and his wife decided to deposit the $5,500 prize in the bank – the beginning of a kitchen remodeling fund made more urgent upon the demise of their oven.

About that oven – John’s wife happens to be a phenomenal baker. But since last winter she’s been a baker without an oven and has been forced to bake at her son’s house.

They were hoping that, come spring, they’d see their savings grow before the big kitchen makeover. They were right. With this $100,000 prize in hand their new kitchen can really blossom. And John just keeps on winning – with $100,000, he can re-do his kitchen without doing all the work himself, and be the recipient once again of his wife’s baking!

Lucky guy.

John plays the Ohio Lottery every day. He was actually a TPD finalist a few years ago but didn’t win the big prize. So when he received the call asking him to come to our Columbus office (we didn’t tell him he’d won) he smelled a winner. Since he had to take the day off work to come in, he and his wife figured if he didn’t win, they’d go out and have a nice lunch. 

John walked out of the Lottery office with a big check.

He and his wife wore big smiles as they drove off in their bright red pickup truck. I’m betting that John picked up the check for lunch.

Check out John’s story, and some other TPD winners stories, at www.ohiolottery.com/winners.

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1 Response to Spring Win Helps Columbus Couple in the Kitchen

  1. ben snow says:

    Reason # 5 of why I hate the designers of this web site
    When I want to look up older numbers for mega millions I have to bring up the calendar and the numbers are off the screen. So when I try to move the screen over the numbers disaper. Like all state things, shoddy, shoddy, shoddy.

    Your pal,

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