OH!nation means free concerts tickets… and more.

OH!nation – our way to give you great chances to win free Live Nation concert tickets – runs all of June and July. (Join today, all it takes is an EZPLAY $3 Poker purchase!) So all summer long we’re sharing stories about our favorite concert experiences.

She's ready to win some free concert tickets!

Here are a couple of our favorites. We’d love to hear your concert stories too. If we like them, you might be called on to share your story on video and win some cool prizes. Oh, and watch for our Live events (win free merchandise, prizes and concert tickets) at select northeast Ohio Discount Drug Mart stores and Keno locations!

Michaele, Marketing/Communications:

My first concert was the concert to end all concerts – the Concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.  The six hour long concert was held at Municipal Stadium, former home of the Cleveland Browns (Art Modell announced a few short months after this show that he was moving the team to Baltimore).

Site of the best concert ever

In the late summer of 1995, Cleveland was flooded with celebrities and rock stars; the whole weekend centered on the opening of the museum.  The concert celebrated some of my favorite rockers, such as Bruce Springsteen, Heart and James Brown. I remember James Brown dancing like his feet were on fire. No one could understand what Bob Dylan was singing. I was introduced to new artists like The Allman Brothers and George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic – their sets were amazing.

Two rock icons jamming together

The collaboration between the artists on stage was exciting – who will join Aretha on stage? Is Slash going to jam with Johnny Cash? It felt like we – the city of my birth and the packed stadium – were the center of the universe.

I’ve been to many concerts since, but nothing has come close to the thrill and excitement of this concert experience.

Mike, Visual Communications Manager

In 1991 I saw my first concert – Billy Idol (he was cool then) in at Blossom Music Center. My buddy and I were actually more interested in the opening act – there was this little band called Faith No More who we followed on college radio for a few years before they hit the mainstream.

Anyhow, this was Billy’s first tour after a bad motorcycle accident the year before. He was in the middle of the set and the stage went dark and a single spotlight illuminated him. The entire audience went silent as he went into this monologue about his accident and his rehabilitation.

Suddenly all the lights flared on at the same time and, during his monologue, they inflated a huge statue that took up the entire stage. Nobody saw it coming. I won’t go into what the statue was, but Billy did go right into his version of “LA Woman.” Apparently he did this stunt at every venue on his tour. You’ll have to search it to find out what blew up at that show, but the memory has lasted me for 20 years.

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