Where Lottery Money Goes: The Answer

If you or someone you know were wondering, where the money goes from the sale of Ohio Lottery games, here is some information that might be helpful:

During Fiscal Year 2010, the Lottery generated $2.49 billion in sales. 

A breakdown of where that money went:

Prizes:  61 percent ($1.51 billion)

Profits:  29 percent ($728.6 million)

Retailer commission & bonuses:  6 percent ($153.4 million)

Operations:  4 percent ($109.4 million)

By law, 100 percent of profits from the sale of Ohio Lottery games go to the Lottery Profits Education Fund in support of schools, K through 12.  The Ohio Department of Education, based upon appropriations made by the General Assembly, distributes this money.

The Ohio Lottery provides about 4 percent of the funding needed for school operations statewide.  The majority of public school funding is generated by federal, state and local taxes.

Dollar Graphic

Thank you for contacting the Ohio Lottery to learn more about where the money goes from the sales of Ohio Lottery games. For more information on the Ohio Lottery’s commitment to education, please visit: www.ohiolottery.com.

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Out and about communicator with the Ohio Lottery.
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