What Would You Do if You Won?

Even while on a run for a cold drink, I’m never far away from my work with the Ohio Lottery. Today as I waited for my daily iced tea at Dunkin Donuts, the girls behind the counter started talking about what they would do if they won the lottery.

One said she would pay off her bills and invest the money so she could “be rich forever”. The other wasn’t sure what she would do with the winnings. I’m not sure anyone really knows what they would do until they win, but it’s still fun to imagine what you would do if  presented with that oversized check written with all those zeros!

Since I’m a Lottery employee, I can’t play. But if I could and I won, I’d pay off all debts, which by the way is the first thing people mention when they win any prize amount. Beyond that, I’d invest money for my children’s college education, maybe buy a home in a sunny place so we could escape Ohio winters, give to my family and help whoever I could! The possibilities are endless.

This week, players who play Powerball have the chance to win $61 million. Mega Millions players could win $14 million. The Classic Lotto jackpot is $43 million.

Even if you won a fraction of those amounts, that’s a lot of money! I’ll keep dreaming. You keep playing, and please play responsibly.

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