Lottery Scam Warning

You just can’t be too careful. Scams are everywhere, on the Internet, in your email, and sometimes in a phone call to your home. Now scammers are using the Ohio Lottery and Cash Explosion names in hopes of duping people out of their money.

The Ohio Lottery has become aware of a new scam that preys on fans of the Ohio Lottery’s top-rated Cash Explosion TV show.

Three people reported receiving phone calls from someone pretending to be from the Cash Explosion production team. The caller tells the victim that they’ve won a Cash Explosion prize and to expect a package via courier. The scammers then call back and say that the courier is running late and ask the victim to meet them in a retail parking lot. They’re also asked to bring money to pay processing fees and taxes.

The calls appear to be coming from the (718) area code,  New York area code. Anyone who gets these type of calls should call police immediately. 

Jack O’Donnell, Ohio Lottery Deputy Director of Security, wants to make sure people are aware. He said he’s concerned not only about people losing their hard earned money, but also identity theft.

In one case, the potential victim did not play any Lottery games, which was the big tipoff that this wasn’t the real deal. Other tips to follow, the Ohio Lottery never asks winners for the payment of processing fees or taxes, and the player always initiates the prize claim process.

FOX8 reporter Elisa Amigo spoke to one of the victims. You can see the story here.,0,4461187.story

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