Now, This is a School of the Year!

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Ever been to a pep rally? You know, cheerleaders, a marching band, the team, and students  proudly wearing their school colors! Friday I went to a pep rally like no other, because it was hosted by the Ohio Lottery’s Partners in Education!

The 885 students at Hamilton Township High School in Columbus were already pumped up for the night’s game against rival Bexley. Add some magic and entertainment by Cash Explosion host David McCreary, dancing by mascots from the Columbus Crew and Cincinnati Cyclones, and a crystal trophy to the mix and it gets even more exciting! We got to celebrate Hamilton Township High School as the School of the Year.

Hamilton Township High School has made the nominations for Academic All Star and Teacher of the Month a part of their routine.  They nominated 8 teachers and 8 students last year, giving them 16 entries in the drawing for School of the Year.

AP Government Teacher Robert Lanthorn was drawn as Teacher of the Month in February. He says he is so proud of his students. Lanthorn says he wouldn’t be the teacher that he is without them.

Did I mention what a beautiful facility Hamilton Township High School is? The 3-year-old building was built to resemble the original school building. I don’t get the chance to be around high schoolers very often, and I was so excited to see students who were proud of their school and happy to be upstanding representatives of the district. 

We should all be proud and always encourage Ohio’s students to excel in and out of the classroom! Grab your pom poms and cheer them on! The students at Hamilton Township High School are truly a great example of the students we have in Ohio. Congratulations!

Nominations are being accepted for Teacher of the Month and Academic All Stars! Visit for more details and send in your nominations today!

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