Luck Runs in the Family

How do you make two Cash Explosion appearances when your name isn’t on the ticket? Ask Melvin Hosey of Dayton. Melvin will make is second appearance on Cash Explosion tomorrow night!

You see, Melvin played on the show many years ago as a stand in for his grandfather. He did so well that his mom, Alice Hosey, wanted him to play for her when she was selected. 

Melvin won a total of $33,700 which includes a $25,000 Cash Bonus Square for his mom.  He also won the $25,000 Cash Bonus Square for his grandfather!  With luck like that, Melvin has won a spot as the family’s stand in!

April Pinkerman’s run of good luck ended on October 1st as she was defeated in the championship game by Lee Delehanty of Germantown, Ohio.  April left the show with winnings totaling $200,000!

Click the link below to learn more about Cash Explosion and how you can be a part of the show!

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