Cash Blast Gives One Lottery Player a Boost!

Patricia Herrick spends her days making others feel good. The Mansfield woman is a hairdresser. On October 3rd, the Ohio Lottery got the chance to give Patricia something to smile about. Patricia won the $200,000 Cash Blast Top Prize Drawing!

Patricia won $200,000 in the Cash Blast Top Prize Drawing!

She was at work when she got the call  that she had won $200,000 and Patricia says she couldn’t believe it. Some of her clients couldn’t believe it either. Patricia said clients kept asking, “Are you sure you’re not going to up and quit in the middle of my appointment?” She stayed at work, only taking a quick break to call her husband and share the good news.

The grandmother of 9 says claiming her prize made it feel more real. She said her 4-year-old granddaughter asked last week if she could see the money. She will see some of it, as Patricia plans to help her children and grandchildren financially. Patricia and her husband have talked about a few home improvements in the last few years, and she says they will finally get them done thanks to her win.

Patricia bought the ticket at J and J Food Mart in Mansfield. She knew the odds of winning the top prize drawing were good, but she didn’t think she would be that lucky. I’m not sure why because Patricia was lucky enough to be drawn for the Cash Explosion show in 2003. She won $7,200 back then! 

Learn more about the Ohio Lottery’s Top Prize Drawings here!

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