Cash Explosion! Who’s On This Week?

You know what its like when you’re competing with family. If you want bragging rights, you’d better win! Mike Berkheimer of Hamilton now has one up on his father-in-law. The two were in a race to see who would get on the Cash Explosion® show first, and Mike won. His father-in-law isn’t giving up, though. When Mike recently scratched off an Entry ticket his father-in-law said, “Give me that” and sent it in!

Lendell Abrams of Shaker Heights wasn’t camera-shy when it came to the show taping. He’s been on TV before! He auditioned for and got a part in a Dandee potato chip commercial as a child! He even posed behind the podium before he went on to win! 

Find out how much Lendell and Mike won on the October 15 airing of Cash Explosion!

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