Who’s Winning on Cash Explosion?

 I love surprises! Don’t you? Sue Eakle of Xenia, Ohio got a big surprise when her name was called as a contestant on Cash Explosion, especially since she didn’t even know that she had a ticket in the drawing.  Sue’s husband bought the ticket and put her name on it and sent it in without telling her. 

What can you do with the winnings? Jean Manuel of Columbus, Ohio already knows  some of his winnings from the championship game will go to help the people of his native country, Haiti. Jean is the head of the Haitian Coalition.  

You can watch Sue and Jean rake in the cash on the October 22 airing of Cash Explosion!


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2 Responses to Who’s Winning on Cash Explosion?

  1. Bryan Neal says:

    I sent my entry ticket in and received they postcard I included back as well. If my name is picked will I get a call BEFORE the show airs or after the show airs the lottery told me to watch?

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