Frisbee Anyone?

The edges of this frisbee are all chewed up, but it’s still Bethanne’s favorite toy!

Who doesn’t love a cute puppy picture? This one came to us about five years ago from one of our Ohio Lottery fans, so we though we’d bring it back out to give you a little smile on this rainy Throwback Thursday.

At the time this photo was sent, Bethanne was just a pup staying with her foster mom. She’s a service dog for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Her foster mom Jaya in Westlake, Ohio sent us this photo of what was at the time Bethanne’s favorite chew toy, a Ohio Lottery frisbee Jaya got at the Asian Festival in Cleveland. Jaya said the frisbee was Bethanne’s favorite.

Bethanne stayed with Jaya until she was 15 months old and she went to New York for her formal guide dog training.

Wondering where you can find some Ohio Lottery swag? We’re gearing up for the summer promotional season with stops at the Ohio State Fair, Ohio Bike Week and major league baseball games to name a few. Keep an eye on our webpage to see where you can find us!





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