They Teach, They Win!

 A lot people pool their money together and buy lottery tickets in hopes of hitting it big! A group of teachers at Case Elementary School in Cleveland have been doing it for 15 years. Every month they pitch in $10 in hopes of hitting it big, and they finally did!

The Case teachers won $250,000 in the November 1 Mega Millions drawing!  Teacher Tom Shannon bought the ticket for the group at the Corner Beverage in Euclid. He says they have won a buck or two here and there, but this is the first big win!

After taxes each teacher will get $12,321.00!

What will they buy? One has plans to pay for a wedding, another teacher has travel plans and another is getting a new tattoo.

Congratulations! It looks like 12 grand will make for a fun Thanksgiving break for these great teachers!

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