The Surprise of a Lifetime!

Surprises are great, aren’t they? The Ohio Lottery had the chance to give the surprise of a lifetime today!

First, I want to tell you about our winner. Traci Skinner of Columbus is working third shift as a nurse while she goes to school full-time to earn her masters degree. She’s married and has three little boys ages 5, 9 and 12. Traci bought a Classic Black instant ticket last December. She won $5,500 and her ticket had the Top Prize Drawing symbol. Last week, the Ohio Lottery conducted the Top Prize Drawing, and Traci’s name was picked as the $1 million winner.

Traci won $1 million in a Top Prize Drawing! Congratulations Traci!

Today Traci went to her nursing class at Fortis College in Westerville, but she didn’t get the class she expected. Instead a guest speaker, actually an actor posing as a guest speaker, walked into her classroom. After talking about the stress of the holidays for a few minutes, the speaker introduced a few friends. Oh yes, they were friends from the Ohio Lottery with a $1 million check, balloons and roses! Talk about a stress reliever!

Traci was speechless. She sobbed, she laughed, and she shook with excitement.

“We can pay off so many bills with this, I can start paying off my student loans, oh my!” Traci said. One of the first things on her list of to do’s, buy a new car.  Traci says her sons want a Ford Flex, and she promised them she would buy one if she won the drawing so she’s committed!

 Traci’s class and administrators at Fortis College got to share in the fun celebration too. “We are thrilled that Traci is Ohio’s newest millionaire. She is very deserving and this prize will certainly brighten the holiday season for her and her family. We are very pleased that the Fortis family was able to share in her joy today,” Fortis College Dean Karen Pictor said.

Traci surprised her husband, Terry, at work with the giant check and balloons. He was speechless. She told him she couldn’t breathe when she got the news!

Traci hit it big on Classic Black. Classic Black II goes on sale today!

Check out the story WSYX in Columbus did on the big presentation


What a great way to kick off Thanksgiving week! Congratulations Traci! 

Traci Skinner won $1 million in an Ohio Lottery Top Prize Drawing

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