$1 Million… A Classic Win!

Ronnie Hotchkiss owns the Avenue Market and Deli in Mogadore. Thursday morning he opened the store and played three Ohio Lottery tickets. “They were all losers, so I walked away,” Ronnie said.

Later, he decided to try one more. He bought a $10 Classic Black II ticket.

Ronnie won $1 million on Classic Black II.

“I scratched it, and I saw a star above the $1 million symbol. I didn’t believe it. A customer was standing here and I made him read it to verify!” Ronnie said.

He only plays once in a while, and this time Ronnie said he was just hoping for $500 to pay for Christmas gifts. He didn’t dream he would win $1 million! Now he plans to pay off his home and business debt, and he has something special planned for his young son and daughter. They will get to take the Disney trip they’ve been asking for!

“People keep asking if we’re gonna close, but we’re not. It will be nice to have everything paid off, our home and the debt that the business has, so it will be nice to not have that to worry about,” Ronnie said.

There must be some luck hanging over Avenue Market and Deli. Ronnie said last year a girl who works for him won $100,000 on an Ohio Lottery game.

Congratulations, Ronnie!

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2 Responses to $1 Million… A Classic Win!

  1. Debra Hall says:

    Congratulations Ronnie and family.This is a story that is a dream come true.I wish everyone could be so lucky.You have to play to win and i play but don’t win.Once again congratulations and Merry Christmas….

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