The Cash Explosion Effect

Seeing your name as a future Cash Explosion® contestant can have quite an effect on you.  For Ron Augustine of Navarre, it put him in a trance!  He said after seeing his name on the screen he didn’t see or hear anything else in that show.  During his interaction with the Cash Explosion® show hosts during the game, he was asked what will happen if he wins really big.  He said he may faint and turned to the audience and said “Somebody catch me!” 

JD Johnson of Zanesville wanted to win enough for a new Harley Davidson.  When asked how much he needed, he said $36,000. 

Will JD win enough for a new hog? Will Ron faint? The anticipation is killing me! Find out on Cash Explosion, Saturday December 10 at 7!

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2 Responses to The Cash Explosion Effect

  1. I Watch Cash Explosion Every Saturday. I Can Only Buy My Ticket Once I Have Between $ 1.00 & $ 5.00 Dollars. Then I Try My Luck . It Could Be Weekly, Or Monthly. i Never Give Up. Quitters Never Winn.

  2. Nancy Morgan says:

    My husband and I have been trying for years to becoma a contestant on Cash Explosion. Together we have sent over 100 entries in, but alas, no luck!

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