Gearing Up For a Silver Anniversary

January 5, 1987.  It’s a significant date in Ohio Lottery history because it’s the date the Cash Explosion instant ticket went on sale. Since then, it’s been 25 years of the Cash Explosion game show and thousands of Ohioans winning in grand fashion!

This year, the 25th anniversary of the show, is going to be a fun one! We are celebrating Cash Explosion’s silver anniversary with six months of winning themed ‘Celebrating 25 Years of Cash Explosion Winning in 25 Weeks’! It means bigger prizes, more winnings and a special show for Cash Explosion fans!

Starting February 10, 2012, you can buy the new 25th Anniversary ticket! You’ll recognize it because it’s a little bigger and it has the 25th Anniversary logo. We’re all about the number 25! Players who reveal the 25th Anniversary logo can enter on-line for a second chance drawing. 1,000 players will be selected from the on-line entries to win $2,500 each and 12 very lucky players will be drawn as contestants on a special Cash Explosion ‘super’ show where they have the chance to win up to $250,000!

Speaking of the show, there will be a lot of fun changes that mean more winnings for more players! In addition to the existing $45,000 in Bonus Bucks, we will be adding five $5,000 bonus squares to the game board. That means $50,000 more dollars could be won every single week during the Cash Explosion Anniversary Celebration.  And viewers can expect some exciting new visual changes to the show including a redesigned Championship game to add drama and suspense.

And because we love our Cash Explosion fans so much, we will have a Cash Explosion Fan Appreciation Day! There will be lots of fun and family oriented activities for adults and children, from clowns, face painting and bands to our Cash Explosion Mini Games and Express Games where players can win money right on the spot!

Get ready because 2012 is going to be fun for us and our Ohio Lottery fans!

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28 Responses to Gearing Up For a Silver Anniversary

  1. Paul Stephen Bess says:

    Don’t you have room on these emails to list the price of the tickets? Don’t you think that’s relevant?

    • Hi Paul! Great question. The Cash Explosion ticket is our most popular $1 instant ticket. If you reveal “ENTRY” three times, then you can send in your ticket to be entered into the drawing to appear on the show!

  2. I’ve been playing since 87–so hope this is my time to————It’s about time I would say–have two Cash Explosion tickets in for your next drawing–hope to hear my name.

  3. I wanna be on the Cash Explosion Show’s 25th Anniversary so i hope my ticket gets picked!!! Cant wait till tomorrow to buy some tickets ..Hope to see ya’ll soon. Thanks I love the show and am a big fan of it..

  4. Gloria Foster says:

    I moved to Chillicothe June 2002 and I was on the Cash Explosion Show in December 2002.

    This is my 20th Anniversary. I have sent two entry in and I hope I can celeberate, also.

    Gloria Foster
    Chillicothe, OH

  5. todd lamb says:

    we live in a computer world….you need to make it where the entry’s can be put in on the internet. i do not buy cash explosion because of this.

  6. Angela D. Collins says:

    I have sent in over 250 cash explosion entries, yes I have kept count, I am praying that I will be selected this year. To celebrate the anniversary as well

  7. walter l. smith says:

    when does the current cash explosion (entry, entry, entry) tickets become void from being eligible for the drawing to be on the game show. thanx walter

  8. Carolyn Fisher says:

    I have sent in a lot of entrys, but have not been lucky enough to be on the show. It seems like not to many people in this area are ever drawn to be on the show. I hope my luck is about to change.

  9. haynie9999 says:

    I was on the show on Feb 4th it was such a great experience, just to watch what happens I was so thrilled.

  10. regina says:

    I signed up for an account and when i try to go to registar my ticket it says, pending waiting on email conformation, it also says to click for a conformation to be sent however, when I click it, it states page is not there. I never got anything in my email.

    • Hi Regina, did you check your spam folder? Some players have found their confirmation email is ending up there. Also, if you have registered for any of our other games, like Battleship, that registration will work for Cash Explosion entries. I hope this helps.

  11. Kathy Starr says:

    The next 25 wks sounds exciting can’t warily play the new silver anniversary game!

  12. Evelyn Powell says:

    Good luck to us

  13. James Fagerstrom says:

    Tomorrow, Monday, February 13, I am going to the regional lottery office to find out how I can enter my 25th anniversary lottery ticket online. I tried, to no avail, today and yesterday, but the site will not accept my ticket. I have bought a LOT of cash explosion tickets previously, and am disappointed. Also, I went to a Speedway station in Perrysburg yesterday, they told me that they were not allowed to sell any anniversary tickets until the old cash explosion tickets had been sold. So, I went to Meijers, who did not seem to have that problem. Thank you for listening…

  14. I have entered once before, now I have a anniversary ticket, so I really hope to be on the show.

  15. beth williams says:

    me and my dad would mail in our entries then wait with our fingers crossed, dad is no longer here but i like to think everytime i get an entry he has his fingers crossed for me so win or lose cash explosion gives me a reason to smile good luck everyone hope your lucky day comes soon

  16. coleen says:

    My son and I have bought a few tickets over the last couple of months, It seems hes the lucky one and gets the 3 entry winners, he has gotten 4 of them. And I am the 25th anniversary symbol winner. I have gotten 3 of them. So hopefully between the two of us, one/or both of us will get on the show. Or win the $2,500 prize. Any amount of prize money will be just fine with us.

  17. Tanya says:

    After you mail in your entry ticket are you guaranted that spot on the show or after so long if your name dosent get drwan do they throw them out

    • Hi Tanya! Thanks for playing Cash Explosion! Drawings for contestants on the show are held weekly. Once a group of contestants is drawn, the drum is emptied for the next drawing. Good luck!

  18. shelly says:

    i have sent in over 200 tickets and have another 60 and still cant pull mine out beging to think this is a scame

  19. I have a25th anniversary symbol ticket but cant find out how to enter

  20. Patty Mannon says:

    Having fun to try and get the 25th anniversary entry. Crossing my fingers. Decided my chances are better to get on the game show than to win Mega Millions. Hoping my name is drawn soon.

  21. judith snyder says:

    im confused but if its the lords will i will win good luck every one

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