The New Guy is the Lucky Charm!

It looks like something can be said for adding the new guy at work to the lottery pool. He appeared to be the lucky charm for a group of workers at NASA after they won $250,000 on the Mega Millions drawing Tuesday.

Jim Sexton bought the ticket for the pool of 16 engineers, mechanics and electricians at NASA. He says they’ve had the pool for over a year, but the most they had ever won was a mere seven bucks.

Jim says a new guy joined the pool, and after pitching in his second dollar they hit it big!

“Nobody believed that we won. One guy called another guy who called me. He said yes! I go no! So I got the ticket out and went to the computer and oh my God, we won $250,000!” Jim says of the moment he realized it was true.

The pool split the prize, and each walked away with $15,625 before taxes.

Jim says their luck has other co-workers joining the pools for Mega Millions and the Powerball. Here’s hoping they can hit it big again!

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