Powerball Makes an Ohioan a Millionaire!

Mike McCully of Carrollton wasn’t supposed to be in New Philadelphia last week, but while he was there he stopped at the Speedway and picked up a Powerball ticket. Turns out, he made a good choice.

Mike’s ticket matched all five white balls in the February 18th Powerball drawing making him Ohio’s first millionaire under the new Powerball game!

Mike claimed his prize today, and he has already found one way to spend a part of his winnings. He placed an order for a new car, but he’s planning carefully for the remainder of his prize. 

“It’s awesome, I keep telling my mom to pinch me so I know it’s real! I’m speechless,” Mike says.

McCully receives $690,000 after state and federal taxes totaling 31 percent are withheld. The Speedway at 243 N. Broadway Street in New Philadelphia receives a $1,000 agent bonus for selling a second tier prize wining ticket. It’s not Mike’s usual spot to play, but he might have to change that.

“I always play Powerball and Mega Millions, and I will definitely keep playing!” Mike says.

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