Face Time!

Cash Explosion is on the air every Saturday, and so are its co-hosts Sharon, Cherie and David. This morning David got a little extra face time in the Dayton market during an interview on FOX45 News In the Morning.

David got up bright and early to sit down and chat about Cash Explosion’s big 25th Anniversary.

The first 25th anniversary shows started airing last weekend. In one weekend, the show gave away more than $250,000.

All it takes is one entry ticket and you could be one of the contestants! Watch Cash Explosion every Saturday night at 7:30 pm!

Check out David’s appearance here!


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One Response to Face Time!

  1. Linda ELlingsworth says:

    My birthday is march 10th and I have 23 cards in to watch on that day. I have tried at least 200 times to get on the show. I even went to the show and sat in on a game, just for practice. Lol!!!! I love cash explosion and am looking forward to my name being called. (thinking positive).

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