Cash Explosion Media Tour Stops in Youngstown

If you live in Youngstown, you know that WFMJ is the place to watch Cash Explosion on Saturday nights. This morning viewers got to watch anchors Lauren, Jen and Mike take a stab at the game!

Sharon Bicknell got up bright and early to sit down and talk about Cash Explosion’s silver anniversary, which if you haven’t already heard, we are celebrating right now!

From her favorite moments on the show in its 25 years to how much players can win, Sharon talked about it all!

Then she gave the anchors a chance to play our mini size version of the championship round.  Sharon played host as each anchor tried to find their own name under the numbered squares. Lauren won, and had she been playing on the real show she would have walked away with $50,000! Instead, she holds the honor in the studio of being a champion.

Thanks WFMJ for having us! It was a fun morning!

Don’t forget to tune in to Cash Explosion every Saturday at 7:30 pm.

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3 Responses to Cash Explosion Media Tour Stops in Youngstown

  1. linda finley says:

    We would like some tickets to the youngstown show How do we get them? Thank you, Linda Finley

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