Got a Cash Explosion “entry” ticket? Mail it in!

Cash Explosion is the top-rated show in its time slot across the Ohio market.  No wonder people love the chance to appear on the show, have fun and win some great prizes!

It all starts with the purchase of a Cash Explosion ticket — reveal “entry” three times on your ticket and you can enter that ticket into a drawing for a chance to be on the show.

Send the ticket to us at the P.O. Box listed on the back of the ticket.  Yes, you, our Cash Explosion customers.  You do not need to get the entry ticket validated by the retailer in order to enter the drawing.  We’ve heard of a few instances where instant ticket customers are confused and give their entry ticket to the store where they made their purchase. They may get a receipt back, but not the ticket.  You need the ticket to enter the drawing.

Here’s a quick “how to” to get into the drawing:

Good luck!

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41 Responses to Got a Cash Explosion “entry” ticket? Mail it in!

  1. Jay Casler says:

    I just received my postcard in the mail today, postmarked september 4 2012 but the stamp in the box is september 1 2012. What phone number to call or e -mail address can I use to solve this issue. ?

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Thank you for your note, Jay. There was a misprinted date on that postcard run. You’ll want to watch the Sept. 22 show. I’m sorry for the aggravation this caused you. Know that whenever anyone is chosen to be on a show, we’ll call to let them know. Thanks for being a fan of Cash Explosion. Good luck!


  2. AK says:

    What happen to the rest of the ticket that didnt get pick. Do you dispose them or do they you keep them & draw them again for the next? The reason why im asking is i have mailed my ticket entry few months ago, just wondering if i still have a chance to get my entry ticket drawn. Thanks you.

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Hi AK,
      Thanks for asking the question. The tickets received for each drawing are disposed of after the drawing. They are only good for one drawing. Thank you for being a loyal fan of Cash Explosion. If I can answer any other questions, let me know.


  3. Jordan G says:

    Once you’ve sent in your “Entry” ticket, what are your odds to be part on the show? How many “Entry” tickets are usually in each drawing?

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Hi Jordan,
      We average about 20,000 entry tickets per drawing. Thanks for asking the question! Glad you enjoy the show.


  4. I had put over 100 tickets and no call what is up with that i had over 20 in the 25th tickets also i am bout ti give up on this it sucks that it is alway down south alway a few in toledo but always down south… Christine Sprinter

  5. Bob says:

    What is the process for selecting a ticket from the mailed-in entries ?

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Bob, Thanks for your question and please excuse the delay in getting back to you. The mail we receive is sent to us by the U.S. Post Office in bins, based on volume. So you get an idea of how this works, each drawing is staffed by a member of the Ohio Lottery’s drawn team, a member of Cash Explosion and a representative from the Auditor of State’s Office, who observes the drawing. Since we’ve added online entry, these entries are placed in virtual bins. Every bin is numbered.

      Once everything is assembled, a member of the Ohio Lottery draw team draws bin numbers (recently, there’s been about 16). From these chosen bins, we pick contestants for an upcoming show, as well as alternate contestants in case the selected contestant cannot be reached or declines the invitation to participate.

      I hope that’s helpful to you. Thanks again!


  6. Bob Lantz says:

    We have sent in so many tickets in the last few months, but no luck. So discouraging.

  7. SANDY REES says:


    • MarieKilbane says:

      Hi Sandy,
      I saw your note on our blog, letting us know that you mailed in an entry ticket Dec. 17 and didn’t hear back from us. Did you mail in a postcard? It’s possible the post card got lost in the mail. If your entry reached us by Dec. 21, it would have been part of a contestant drawing announced on the Jan. 12 Cash Explosion show. If it reached us between Dec. 22 and Jan. 4 (and it certainly should have, based on the general U.S. post office schedule), your entry would have been part of a drawing announced on the Jan. 19 show.

      Contestants chosen for an upcoming show can be found here: Also, here is our general Cash Explosion entry schedule so you can get a sense of when you can expect to hear from us, based on when you send in your entry.

      Thank you for contacting us and being a fan of Cash Explosion!


  8. teresa says:

    Hello… my name is Teresa and seen on the show that you can now enter you ticket online now but i went on the website and didnt see anything saying i can

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Hi Teresa,
      The link to the Cash Explosion site is located at the bottom of the homepage of the Ohio Lottery website. Here is the direct link:

      On the top, right side of the Cash Explosion page, you’ll see “Enter Your Tickets Online.” Click the graphic and you’re in!

      Thanks for asking the question. Good luck!


  9. Tonya Howell says:

    I have submit so many tickets, and when I hear someone enter I ticket and got called that really bother me, maybe it’s not meant for me,

    • Tonya Howell says:

      Thanks for giving me the chance

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Hi Tonya,
      Thanks for writing. On average there can be about 20,000 entrants in each drawing. If you’re a longtime fan of the show, I understand your disappointment.

      There is something new coming very soon for participants who use on-line entry that you might like. It’s going to be announced this upcoming weekend. Stay tuned for that.

      Thank you for being a fan of Cash Explosion!


  10. joan herr says:

    I have several cash explosions tickets to send in I have been doing them on line how long are these good for ? There is no date that tells they expire. I was on the show 4 years ago would love to try again. So much fun.

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Hi Joan,
      Glad you asked. Like all other instant games, Cash Explosion tickets expire 180 days after the announced closing date for the print run of the game. We provide this information to all Ohio Lottery retailers.

      Entry tickets from the following Cash Explosion print runs can still be entered into the drawing:
      *Cash Explosion #878
      *Cash Explosion #25th Anniversary #857 (Note: this ticket print is about to expire and must be entered by March 12, 2013.)
      (The game number — ie. #878 — can be found on the back of each ticket. That number is the first three digits of the 13-digit serial number found above the barcode)

      You can visit the Ohio Lottery website to check tickets about to expire: You can also call our toll-free number for assistance: 1-800-686-4208.

      Thanks again for your question.

      Good luck!

  11. Lisa says:

    Do I have to live in Ohio to enter my tickets on line. Lisa

  12. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much I wish I could watch your game show but I live in ny my kids send me tickets.and record the show for me to watch when I go to see them.

  13. Karen Alsept says:

    Does a ticket have to be entered for the drawing within the boundaries of Ohio? I am from Ky and often have tickets that I have entered but I enter them while I am in Ohio or I mail them in. Can I enter them on the computer from my home in Ky and still be eligible?

  14. april says:

    Good game

  15. Robyn says:

    I entered 2 entry tickets online, got email informing us to watch the show nov.16,2013.
    The problem is i thru the tickets out. Can a copy of the email with the ticket numbers on it be ok if i my husbands name is called?

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Hi Robyn,
      Thank you for reaching out and asking an important question.

      Unfortunately, players who enter the drawing online must keep their ticket. If selected as a contestant, they must present that ticket to an Ohio Lottery regional office to obtain a spot on the show. It’s required to ensure that players do not enter online and then mail in their tickets for a drawing. One piece of good news — you are still eligible for online entry bonus drawings. Thank you for asking the question and for being a fan of Cash Explosion! If I can answer any more questions, please let me know.


  16. Lindsay Smalley says:

    how do i register my caSh explosion ticket what numbers do i put in and where

  17. Deann Hurst says:

    My mom recently got the ticket that had 3 entrys on it she is very excited but shes a nervous wreck when it comes to being in national television so she asked me if she was picked ti go on for her . Im 18 , you dont have to be 21 for sime odd reason right ? I told her I dont think so because you only have to be 18 to purchase the ticket

  18. Jon McCaleb says:

    Hi I live in Michigan but have seen the show various times throughout the years when visiting relatives in OH. I’m glad to see it’s still on the air as lottery game shows are SO rare now days. I was wondering do you have to be an OHIO citizen to be on the show? For as high as the stakes are and as fun as it would be it would be worth the 6 hour trip,

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Hi Jon,
      We’re thrilled you enjoy the show! Yes, we are one of the few state lotteries that maintain a home-grown show. As to your question — you don’t have to be from Ohio to be on the show. We have had contestants from neighboring states playing from time to time.

      If you find yourself in or around Columbus, Ohio, we hold show tapings once a month. We would welcome you to join our studio audience. If that interests you, let me know and I’ll fill you in on particulars.

      Thank you for being a fan!


  19. Cheryl Bowie says:

    I have a entry so can I mail in because I use to do it on line but forgot my password to my lotto working on it!

  20. Gail Conley says:

    How do I know if my ticket was entered

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Thanks for your note, Gail. By mailing in your ticket, you rely on the reputation and good work of the U.S. post office. You can also enter your ticket online through MyLotto Rewards.

      The advantage? Your entry reaches us right away; you can see on the screen that your entry has been accepted; and you’ve saved yourself the cost of a first-class stamp.

      Thank you for being a fan of Cash Explosion!

      P.S. For anyone reading this, the Ohio Lottery discontinued post card mailings about 2 years ago. Retailers were asked to remove Cash Explosion post cards from their stores at that time.

  21. Eddie Young says:

    I have mailed my entries in for the last 3 years Dayton Ohio let it be on TV show

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