Scioto Downs VLT Grand Opening: Here we come!

It’s countdown time! Scioto Downs and the Ohio Lottery staff here are working diligently behind the scenes to prepare for today’s 2 p.m. opening of the VLT facility.

At the front entrance, Rebecca, Daniel and Ryan travelled from Cincinnati to be the first patrons in line at 10 a.m….ready and happily waiting for the 2 p.m. scheduled opening. They’re enjoying travelling to Ohio’s new gaming opportunities and are ready to play!

Kelly and Shawn came from Lockbourne and Ashville, Ohio respectively. Kelly’s a longtime patron of Scioto Downs…in fact she’s had a reserved seat at the racetrack for the past 13 years!

Jack & Diane came from Mansfield. They enjoy travelling to gaming destinations once or twice a month. Then, for Pat, Melody and Sherry, it’s a “girl’s day out” for them and their neices, who wanted to say they were at the grand opening and among the first through the doors.

Welcome all!

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1 Response to Scioto Downs VLT Grand Opening: Here we come!

  1. danny carmon says:

    i have been to scioto downs slots 4 times and lost $1500.00 i wish it never was built , ohioans are not going to be fooled just like ohio lottery you cheat,go away lets vote again.

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