Hatfield Wins the real McCoy

by Sandra Neal, PIO

I received paperwork on a million dollar prize winner from Ironton by the name of Charles H Hatfield. The winner scratched the Ohio Lottery’s 50x the Money instant game after he purchased it from Rich’s Oil. Immediately my imagination went to work. I wondered if he was a “real” Hatfield of the Hatfield & McCoy feuding families.  In my mind I began writing the release, “Hatfield wins the real McCoy”, because I thought it would make a catchy headline. But back in the day you probably couldn’t use the name Hatfield and McCoy in the same sentence. You see I’m a fan of the Summer TV series the Hatfields & McCoys.

That was many years ago, but still I wanted and needed permission. So, I just had to make the call and ask some questions.

Charles Hatfield really is a Hatfield of the Hatfield/McCoy family feud. He’s about four generations removed from his grandfather. I asked him if I could use McCoy and Hatfield together. Jokingly he hesitated, and said he didn’t mind.

“I’ve heard it all,” he said, “and I’m still numb. I’ve been playing the Ohio Lottery ever since it started but never won anything this big.”

Hatfield is expecting a new grandchild and he says he’s going to use the money to help his family and for his retirement. He’s been working since he was seventeen.  Hatfield says he’ll continue playing. Hatfield said you gotta play to win and that sounds like a good header for a press release, but Hatfield wins the real McCoy sounds even better.

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