Record Year Means More for Education

The calendar year may have six months left, but the Ohio Lottery’s fiscal year is now over and it was a great one! A record year, in fact.

Traditional lottery sales for Fiscal Year 2012 hit $2.73 billion, surpassing the previous year’s sales by $133 million. That record generated another record in the Lottery’s contribution to education. The Ohio Lottery transferred a record $771 million to the Lottery Profits Education Fund (LPEF), the highest year-end transfer to education in the history of the Ohio Lottery Commission. The previous record transfer of $748.8 million was set in 1997.

Sales figures are unaudited and do not include video lottery terminal sales.

How did we do it? The Lottery works to make a variety of games at different price points available to our players. We like to introduce new games frequently so our players have plenty of options. KENO’s popularity is growing, illustrated by the addition of new KENO retailers weekly. In April the Lottery started selling Keno to go at all Ohio Lottery retailers, giving players the opportunity to grab a ticket and watch the drawing on demand at our website.

Don’t forget about that record $656 million Mega Millions jackpot back in March! People across the state stood in line to get their chance at more than a half a billion dollars, and that fueled our sales too!

Of course, we couldn’t do it without our loyal Lottery players! The Ohio Lottery used to have a little tag line that read, “Take a chance for Education! Odds are, you’ll have fun!” Our players have continued to support the Ohio Lottery by playing the games we offer, and in turn they’ve helped send millions back to our Ohio schools.

One hundred percent of Lottery profits generated support public education K-12 in Ohio.

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