Showing Appreciation For the Fans

By Sarah Christian

This past Sunday, the Ohio State Fair was all about our Cash Explosion fans.  I was lucky enough to have the privilege to meet some of the many fans that made it out to show their love and support for Cash Explosion. 

At the fair, fans were able to play for a chance to participate in the cash explosion mini-games and win hundreds of dollars!  Even if they didn’t get the VIP ticket, everyone walked away a winner with plenty of Cash Explosion prizes to show our appreciation. 

Cherie, Sharon and David also made an appearance to chat with the fans and host the mini-shows.  In-addition to hosting, David also gave a magic show that left the crowd amazed and entertained!  It was a lot of fun and everyone in the crowd was left laughing and having a great time.

We gave away $10,000 in cash prizes! Winners walked away with everything from a $10 Kroger gift card to $25 and $50 Visa gift cards! The winners of the mini-games ended up with even more! One winner walked away with a $500 gift card! 

It has been a fantastic experience being able to meet all of the Cash Explosion fans that made it to the fair.   Though all of the amazing fans who stood in line all day came to see Cash Explosion, at the end of it all they are the ones who deserved the praise and stardom. Everything was for the fans, and we all thank you for being so dedicated and supportive of the show!

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Congratulations to those who were able to participate in the mini-games and thank you to all of the amazing fans who made it a point to stop by and participate in Cash Explosion Fan Appreciation Day at the Ohio State Fair!

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